Statistic India

Time in the country: 6.12.2017 – 10.1.2018
Distance: 1236km
Altitude: 7715hm
Days: 35
Breakdowns: 1 Flat
km/day: 35
hm/day: 220

Other defects:
Another “Blowup” of the Exped sleeping mat.

Frustrating, but Exped was so generous and made Andi’s warranty claims true and sent a spare mat to Thailand for free. Wow, what support !!! We are thrilled and an even bigger fan of Exped.

All Magura hydraulic brakes changed to well-tried mechanical brakes. Because we have several times unsuccessfully tried to find spare parts for the Magura. The problem was mainly the leaking seals in the brake lever. Maybe it would be possible to change the seals, but we already had problems to find O-rings for our petrol stove and so we decided to leave it.

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