Small Mediterranean Round 12/13

Genua – Livorno – Corsica – Toulon – Genua

The Start in Genua
We use the exceptionally mild climate during the Christmas holidays 2012 and start our very first tour with our new touring bikes. From Genoa we cycle towards la Spezia.

Someone really wants to steal our bikes
In la Spezia we experience our first negative experience. The hotel, which we unfortunately booked in advance, does not allow us to take the bikes to the bed room and a suitable space they did not have. Thus our bicycle lock had to prove its first service, and in fact somebody really tried to steal it this night. But fortunately, the swiss quality lock has done its work, except two crushed top tubes, the bikes have remained intact. Well, the bumps will always reminds us that there are no more compromises in this respect.

Crossing to Corsica
In Corsica we enjoy the drive to the hotel with a breathtaking sunset sunset. Unfortunately, we leave the island again the next day to continue our journey in Toulon.

With the racing bike club towards New Year’s Eve
We meet a racing club, from which we can benefit from the tailwind. They are very astonished that we can keep up their pace. This night we made it all the way to Nice. Apparently, the stage was quite hard, so we slept the New Year’s beginning.

Beautiful coast from Toulon to Genoa
The days are short and the winter sun is not so strong. Longer breaks are not recommended to take, otherwise it will quickly become cold. A beautiful cycle track, once a railway line, runs from Toulon to Italy, mostly along the coast. With beautiful adventures and desire for more we finish our prologue in Genoa.