With the Superfast Ferry it takes 16 hours from Bari to Patras. It is a windy and damp night on the deck. In Patras we have two rest days in a nice airbnb. The Greek coffee is served by a lift and, of course, the coffee is cold in Greece.

So now we can go: Greece we come 🙂 Early on Sunday morning we head southwards. It is a beautiful, quiet morning. No, it’s not quiet! Everywhere we pass barking dogs. Unlike in Italy, you have to expect that the fence is broken or that the gate is not closed. Now, either you are fast enough that the dogs won’t follow or you stop to face the dog… The second is more effective, but needs more courage!
As we discover in the map “Agios Andreas”, we know that we want to stay there over night. It is a beautiful place and we enjoy a romantic sunset 🙂 Until now our most beautiful sleeping place!

After the more flat part, Greece now appears from the hilly side. It is wonderful here. On the one hand, we like the great views very much and the people in the countryside are much more friendly to us. Unfortunately, the fewest can speak English. With our little learned Greek, hands, and feet, we succeed more or less in communicating. At a remote village shop the seller proudly presents us two delicious nectaries and a Greek who speaks a little German tells us that these are from his own garden. The next day we will experience even more Greek hospitality: In the morning we are paid for the coffee and at lunch in a remote, extinct village (where only 3 people still live) we are spontaneously invited to lunch when we ask for water. It turns out that this family lives in Athens, but spend the holidays in the parents’ house. Again, thank you very much. Later in the evening we are even gifted with local delicious figs. Between olive trees we find once again a great place to pitch our tent.

Quickly we get to Kalamata back to the sea. Along the coast we cycle to Kardamyli. There we spend a beautiful evening, in one us recommended fish restaurant directly at the sea. An amazing bay is our home for the night. After a morning swim we cycle over a nice pass to Neo Itylo.
A small fishing village, which we like so much, that we decided to stay and spend the afternoon with bathing. Our sleeping place we find on a hill with a fantastic view.

The southern part of this peninsula is getting drier. We like the beautiful Areopoli very well. After a short pass a great descent follows to Gythio and again we find a great sleeping place, this time right on the beach. Now it goes again over 1500 a.s.l. and then to Astros. While we have lunch in a small place, we are invited to the coffee. Our Greek knowledge is once again required 🙂 They can only shake their heads as they hear that we want to cycle over the pass to Astros. For safety, they give us vegetables and olive oil on this impossible path. We are very happy about these gifts, as our stock is actually a bit badly calculated. The pass with 1525asl. we accomplish the next morning.

When we arrive in Kastanisa, we are delighted by its appearance. The secluded and small village has got its name from the many chestnut trees. So our efforts paid off! We stop in a restaurant and enjoy a Greek dish Pita with cheese. Shortly thereafter, the driving vegetable dealer stops and we can improve our supplies again.

In Astros we jump once more into the crystal clear sea. At the beautiful boat harbor we cook our dinner. After breakfast, again on an exceptionally beautiful spot, we cycle to Nafpoli. That this town is beautiful, unfortunately, have also discovered some other tourists. So we leave again after a short coffee stop. Our longer stop is then at a beautiful, lonely bay. After the recommendation of a Greek, we take the detour and cycle to the Museum Epidaurus.We are thrilled by the beautiful scenery. Tired, we arrive at the Archaeological Museum at 8 pm. We pay the proud price and visit the theater and the remains of the temples and sprints of the Greeks.

We hear that the package has arrived in Athens. So we take the ferry to Athens in Methana. In Athens we have to do our washing once again and we are very happy to receive our two packages. Thanks again Lazaros for your help! After a day of cycling through the chaotic and touristic city, we take the ferry to Rhodes.

In Rhodes we want to stay a few days and recover, but hardly arrived in Rhodes, we are almost killed by the many tourists. So, we quickly buy the ticket for the journey to Marmaris in Turkey.

Conclusion Greece: We liked Greece very much. The people we met especially in the mountains were very kind and hospitable.

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    Es sieht unglaublich toll aus, deshalb kann man sich die tägliche Anstrengung nur anhand Andis Fotos erahnen. Den neuen Abenteuer sehen wir mit Spannung entgegen. Passt auf Euch auf?

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