On 17.7.2017 we say goodbye to Andi’s parents, who have welcomed us with great hospitality the last three weeks. Thanks again! Exactly at 07:17 we cycle with our packed bikes to Baar. There we also say goodbye to Judith’s parents. The farewell always hurts, even if you have long been looking forward to it …

For the first stage we shoot for something big, however we still enjoy a cool down in the Walensee. The pushing with the heavily laden bike must still be practiced, Andi falls and lands very softly in the stinging nettle. It burns horribly. Fortunately, we have Schüssler salt ointment 3&8 and a second mirror with us. Thanks Rita and Michi. 🙂

The visit to Andis grandmother in Landquart was great and entertaining. She is still top fit. We hope that it remains like this. Thanks again for the great Zvieri!

Tired we arrive in Küblis and enjoy the sleep in a comfortable bed.

On the second day, we head towards Davos. The new bypass tunnels are awesome, because up to Klosters the road is almost car-free.

After Davos Glaris we turn left into the Landwasser gorge. And cycle on a gravel track, which later becomes a flowing single trail. Which is easy possible with our heavily loaded steel-wheels.

A secluded farmer-pub rewards us with a homemade, selfservice pizza.

Strengthened it goes again in a short single trail with a few steps, which has stressed bikes and rider, fortunately all went well.

From Filisur we head towards Albulapass via Bergün. In Bergün, it is crowded with cycling travellers.

At Lake Lai da Palpuogna we ignore the camping prohibition sign and stay directly at the lake. Only a fisherman caught us later at night. He gives us information on fly fishing. Would be something for you Tim.

After a windy night we cycle up to our first big pass. Shortly before the Albulapass we overtake Horst, a retired German bike traveler. Great respect Horst for your performance! We wish you a nice trip over the next passes! We hope that we also can make such tours at the age of 65.

In the Engadin we cycle along the cross-country ski slope towards Pontresina. Shortly after the Berninapass we leave Switzerland behind us.

Next Report: Italy


  1. Beeindruckender Reisebericht, so hat man das Gefühl dabei zu sein – und dies ohne selber “radeln” zu müssen, toll nicht. Bei uns alles bestens, wir sind nun einige Tage in Küblis.

    Wir warten gespannt auf die nächsten Zeilen und Fotos.

    Herzlichen Dank und beste Grüsse, PaMa

  2. Wow, super ihr beiden!
    Sind gespannt auf weitere Infos….Nun seid ihr ja in Bella Italia – und bereits genau 1 Monat unterwegs!
    Liebe Grüsse und weiterhin viele tolle Erlebnisse!
    Eure Ex-Nachbarn Heidi und Roli

    1. Liebe Heidi und Roli
      Schön, dass ihr mit uns reist:-) Vielen Dank für euren Kommentar! Uns gefällt das Reisen per Rad nach wie vor sehr! Zurzeit geniessen wir die türkische Gastfreundschaft, die wunderschöne Natur und die türkischen Köstlichkeiten.
      Liebe Grüsse
      Judith und Andi

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