Statistic Georgia

Time in the country: 4.10.2017 – 25.10.2017
Total Distance: 827km
Total Altitude: 9214hm
Days: 22
Cycling Days: 12
Rest Days: 10
km/Cycling Day: 67km
hm/Cycling Day: 740hm

Other defects:
Druckverlust auf Hinterbremse Magura HS11, glücklicherweise fanden wir einen Ersatzbremshebel, jedoch ist Magura praktisch nicht verfügbar in Georgien

Das hintere Radlager hat Wasser abbekommen und musste ersetzt werden.

Statistic Turkey

Time in the country: 1.9.2017 – 4.10.2017
Total Distance: 1598km
Total Altitude: 18877hm
Days: 34
Cycling Days: 27
Rest Days: 7
km/Cycling Day: 57km
hm/Cycling Day: 685hm

Breakdowns: 5 flat

1. Flat on 2. Sept. 2017 after 2770km (1. Judith)
2. FLat on 5. Sept. 2017 after 2820km (2. Judith)
3. Flat on 5. Sept. 2017 after 2869km (3. Judith)

After 3 flats in a row we found the reason. Luckily there were great bike shops in Fethiye and so we got a new, similarly good tire.

4. Platten am 20. Sept. 2017 nach 3486km (4. Judith)
5. Platten am 1. Okt. 2017 nach 4113km (1. Andi)

Sonstige Defekte:
E-Werk of M & B on 13th of september 2017 after 3233km. I would have guarantee. However, we went to a TV electrician to measure the E-Werk to exclude a possible cable break. Unfortunately, the electrician violently opened the device when I briefly looked away and the warranty was gone. so we ordered a new one at to the 1000km away Arhavi. The hostel owner was willing to receive a package for us. Finally, the timing was perfect, we arrived on the same day as the package in Arhavi.

Statistic Italy

Time in the country: 19.7.2017 – 16.8.2017
Total Distance: 1679km
Total Altitude: 23372hm
Days: 29
Cycling Days: 24
Rest Days: 5
km/Cycling Day: 70km
hm/Cycling Day: 962hm

Brakedowns: 0

Other defects: EXPED Schlafmatte on 14. August 2017 after 1782km (Andi).

The chambers have dissolved from the inside. One after the other. In the end I slept on a huge bladder. The mat was already 5 years old. Guarantee I had no more. At I ordered a new mat and had it delivered to Athens and since then I’m again a happy EXPED sleeping mat owner.