Statistics Canada

Time in the country: Jun 2, 2018 to Jun 12, 2018 and Jul 21, 2018 to Aug 28, 2018
Total Distance: 1817
Total Altitude: 20561
Days: 49
Cycling Days: 30
Rest Days: 19
km/Cycling Day: 58
hm/Cycling Day: 665

Breakdowns: 1 flat, 1 tire Schwalbe Marathon Mondial

Other defects: 1x Exped sleeping mat (blowup) from Judith, changed to Thermarest NeoAir
MSR cooker all O-rings changed
4x new tires Schwalbe Marathon Mondial, changed to slightly wider 2″
1x tent MSR Huba Huba, to a lighter one changed
2x new sleeping bags, changed to something warmer, Andi Western Mountain -7,
Judith Mountain Hardware -9

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